How Much Does It Cost For Woodworking in the UK?

How Much Does It Cost For Woodworking in the UK

Woodworking is a valuable skill to have. You can transform some non-required pieces of wood into items of value using woodworking skills. Woodworking might seem to be an artistic hobby and benefit you in many expected or unexpected ways. Anyone can think of acquiring a hobby like woodworking without a second thought, but is it worth it? We know that there are numerous advantages and quality building factors added to it, but will it favour your pocket.

If you are thinking of attaining woodworking as a hobby or maybe starting a small business or a start-up, you obviously need to invest in quite a few aspects of woodworking to get started.

Investments to Make Before Pursuing Woodworking

Investments to Make Before Pursuing Woodworking

A major hurdle before many folks before getting into woodworking is money. Any business start-up ideas or skills requires an investment or capital. Even if we start from small and go minimal with the expenses, we still have to spend a significant amount on becoming a professional woodworker. There are a few requirements that we can’t neglect, and they are;

Getting Trained As a Professional Woodworker

Getting Trained As a Professional Woodworker

To begin your career with a skill or to use one of your skills as a source of income for yourself, you first need to master that particular field. You need expert woodworking mentors or coaches to guide you through the whole process and to supervise you. You can learn woodworking at minimal cost through online platforms like YouTube with the help of videos.

If you decide to go to a woodworking school, that might cost you a bit extra on your learning process. Fees of most of the woodworking schools in the UK depend on the duration of class students choose. The shortest period of eighteen hours to the most prolonged period of two years can cost anything between £248 and £20000. You can learn skills from Teds Woodworking. Is Teds woodworking legit? – If you are double minded about this, you can clarify before starting.

Basic Tools

Basic Wood Work Tools

Before getting started, you need to prepare an essential woodworking tool kit handy which involves:

  1. A standard bench plane.
  2. A set of chisels
  3. Measuring and marking tools – These instruments include pencils, measuring tape, ruler, marking gauge and marking knives.
  4. A saw
  5. A mallet
  6. Drilling
  7. Sharpening tools

A comprehensive and decent quality toolkit would cost you nearly £700 to £1000. Try beginning with these basic tools, and with time and increasing income, you can invest in machinery.


Invest in good quality yet affordable wood to start woodworking. There is a variety of wood like timber, pine, redwood, mahogany, oak, walnut, teak and many more. It would be best to invest in the least expensive woods like maple, fir and pine.

If you are privileged enough to own a woodshop, it would be an excellent start. On the other hand, if you want to start from nothing, you should not invest in working space rather than starting from the garage area or any small open area you can arrange.

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