Demystifying Facts from Fiction in Oliver Talamayan’s Ventures


Oliver-TalamayanIn this article we will look at Demystifying Facts from Fiction in Oliver Talamayan’s Ventures.

Internet entrepreneurship is inherently demanding and not for the faint hearted. Everything, from affiliate marketing, social media and digital marketing, and so much more; everything requires time, patience, networking, and consistency. It is no wonder then that most interested investors who have showed an interest in online ventures tend to drop out along the way due to frustrations. And with those that drop out comes the negative talk and apportioning of blame. As a result, there has been a lot of negative talk surrounding Talamayan and his online entrepreneurship; many have called him as a scammer, con, fake, and all that. But not surprisingly, all the negative talk comes from those that were not patient enough to follow through the instructions, as well as to those that were hoping to make quick, easy money. In any case, for every 2 people that call Talamayan a con, there are a hundred more who can attest to his genuine and practical tips on how to help grow and expand their businesses. It just depends on who you decide to talk to. However, the best thing would be for one to take a holistic look into the investment life of Talayam in order to understand where he’s coming from, where he’s going, and what he really stands for.

Who’s Oliver Talamayan?

Oliver Talamayan is an online entrepreneur who offers coaching and mentorship programmes to thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe. He has made history multiple times, initially in 2005 when he became one of the first online investors to ever make $100k in a span of 30 minutes. He has risen over the years to become an authoritative and reputable trainer of online investors and entrepreneurs. All his dealings and businesses are in public domain, he has been quoted and featured by the major publications like Fox, Forbes, CBS, to mention but a few. How then could it be that an individual who has been featured in such prominent publications and given hundreds of inspirational talks could be accused of being a scammer? How come no one has ever initiated legal proceedings against Talamayan for any wrongdoing? Well, it is simply because most of those that complain and brand him a scammer know real well that there’s no case to answer, that they are to blame for not adhering to the agreed programmes to the end. Most of the complaints against Talayam are hinged on High ticket selling; understandably, this is the one area that requires much strategic patience and consistency, something most wannabe investors don’t have time for!

Honesty and integrity;

In ordinary businesses, meetings are arranged and first impressions count a lot; a smart suit and tie will go a long way in helping convince your client that you can be trusted. But what about in online investing? You don’t have to meet someone one-on one in order to seal a business deal. In fact a huge chunk of online transactions and businesses are conducted by persons that have never met physically, and will never meet. Honesty and integrity are what a suit and tie are to an ordinary businessman; your clients and other investors will want to know that you are trustworthy and have integrity. One of the main reasons that Talamayan has been able to rise so fast and steadily up the ladder of success, isn’t so much because he has an instinct for business opportunities, or because he’s a go getter. Part of the reason he has succeeded is because he is a man of immense honesty and integrity. From his days as an eBook seller to motivational coach, to a publisher and editor, producer; Talamayan has left behind a trail of honesty and integrity, a trail that continues to draw clients from far and wide, into his investment wings. Had he been a scammer, he’d have done it long ago when he made his first $$ as an online investor. In fact, all allegations of fraud and scamming didn’t emerge until recently when Talayam ventured into the selling of High Tickets.

Competitors will always talk;

We live and operate in a ruthless business environment where the competition is as ruthless as it is stiff. When Talamayan made history making $100k in 30 minutes selling products, when he was named the highest earner in the industry, not everyone was impressed or happy for him. In any case, who was this young man who had come out of nowhere to crown himself as the guru of online money making? Competitors weren’t impressed and many turned to mudslinging and character assassination. All of a sudden, blog posts and threads started popping up calling Talayam names, depicting him as a con. A quick search on Google for ‘Olive Talamayan scam’ will yield several pages with shouting headlines, but little content to back up any claims. None of the claims or complaints online has any substantial weight to merit a conviction in any court of law, or even in the court of public opinion; most are negative comments from individuals who ventured into online investment assuming that they’ll be able to make money instantly, overnight. Woe unto them! When asked by a reporter once about allegations that he’s a scammer and a fraud, Talamayan had this witty response;

“When people make accusations against you, it means you’re progressing, it means you’re doing something right. People throw stones at the tree that has fruits; no one throws stones at a barren tree. Thus for me, I prefer ignoring the negative talkers and bitter elements who thrive on excuses and blame game. Everything about me, my businesses, is genuine and 100% legit. Period.”

Tamalayan as a blessing to many;

Isn’t it strange how man has a habit of taking their heroes for granted when alive, but revere them only after they’re gone? Apple founder Steve Jobs was ignored in his lifetime, most found him a snob who kept much to himself. It’s only in his last days that he gained popularity, and after his death that he gained global fame. Online entrepreneurship has its heroes too and when history books shall be written, there’s certainly one name that will keep popping up, appearing and reappearing constantly; Oliver Tamalayan. He has mentored thousands directly and indirectly, he continues to advice numerous businesses across multiple continents; an inspiration to many for sure.

“There are 2 types of people you meet. Those who take from you, and those who add value and become a resource to you. In just a short amount of time, Oliver has helped me expand my personal brand online, and establish more distribution channels for monetizing a very important project I’m working on. If you’re looking to expand your brand, and monetize your existing opportunities further, you have to get introduced to Oliver” says Kevin Harrington, an American businessman and entrepreneur.   His words echo what many people who’ve associated with Oliver always acknowledge after meeting him; that he has a big heart and is able to give outright, practical solutions when needed to.

In one of his books titles “The Secrets Most CEOs Will Never Know: 17 Secrets You Can Instantly Use to Grow Your Business and Get More Customers While Taking More Time Off”, Tamalayan talks of how most CEOs struggle to have their workforces do more with less, how to make the most of the internet and social media to the benefit of their investments. He argues that if used properly, the internet can help CEOs triple their income; attain more freedom, and productivity. Needless to say, this particular book went on to become an Amazon Best seller in Canada and the US. Having defeated many other books by reputable authors at the time, Talamayan was able to solidify his reputation as a credible and respected entrepreneur.  Peers and colleagues across the world acknowledge that the book remains a must read even for today’s CEO and business leaders.

In summary;

People will always talk and find fault to those that are doing better than them; this is often evident in the world of business. Of all that allegations that have been made against Oliver Talamayan pertaining to fraud and scamming of gullible people, all of it has remained just as that; hearsay. No one has come forward to lodge a complaint in a federal court; no one has actively pursued the allegations. Such is the world of online entrepreneurship, that there’ll always be those who come rushing assuming that they can make money overnight. Truth is that you’ll need patience and consistency in order to build yourself as a brand; there are no shortcuts about that. Whatever venture you decide to pursue, do so passionately and consistently. Write that eBook so well until the reader/client will want to meet you one-on-one for more tips of practical demonstrations. Whatever it is that you’ll pick, give yourself time to learn and understand the industry, and keep embracing new business ideas as they come. Social media is especially a strong tool for marketing and earning from.

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